07/22/07: Modifications to RPNFractionCalculator 0.1

This does not require a new release number.

Modified the COPYING and COPYING.txt files: they were of the wrong information.

The Keyboard Help frame had an error in the display information. This resulted in a minor code fix. The code fix had nothing to do with the functionality of the application itself. So, I decided not to change the release number.

07/15/2007: RPNFractionCalculator 0.1

Initial release.

This is the first stable version of the Reverse Polish Notation Fraction Calculator. It works, use it as you wish.

Everything can be downloaded from the downloads page

Any help needed can be obtained from the help menu on the application, or through the RPN Fraction Calculator help page.

If there is anything else you need, please feel free to email me.

The RPN Fraction Calculator is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License copyright © 2007 Lou Rosas