RPN Fraction Calculator Help

Downloading the RPN Fraction Calculator

To download the RPN Fraction Calculator, go to the downloads page and select the rpnfc.jar file. This is the executable JAR file. If you would like the source code, download the RPNFractionCalculatorSourceCode.jar file. It is recommended that you also download and read the README and COPYING files (either README or README.txt, the same thing for COPYING). The README(.txt) file has all the information needed to run the excecutable and extract the source code from the JAR file. The COPYING file is the GNU Public Licence.

For some reason, I could not get the text files to download (either flavor of the COPYING or README files). So, I tarred and zipped them for UNIX types and zipped them for Windows types. These compressed files contain both of the text files, so download the file appropriate for the OS you are using.

Running the RPN Fraction Calculator

The RPN Fraction Calculator is an Java Archive (JAR file). To run it, you must have java installed and running on your machine.

To get the RPN Fraction Calculator running for:


On Windows machines, you can double click on the rpnfc.jar file to start the RPN Fraction Calculator.

You can also bring up a command prompt, go to the location where the rpnfc.jar file is located and type in: java -jar rpnfc.jar.

Either of these methods will start the RPN Fraction Calculator executable.

UNIX type Operating Systems

For UNIX variants (Sun OS, Linux, etc...), bring up a shell prompt and navigate to the location where the rpnfc.jar is located and type in: java -jar rpnfc.jar.

Keypad information

Once you start the RPN Fraction Calculator, you see it has the layout of almost every other RPN Calculator. The only anomoly is the division key.

Certain keys on the keyboard/keypad are available for use in this application. They are:
The keypad numbers.
'/' for the numerator/denominator separator.
'+', '-', '*' for the appropriate math operation
'd' or 'D' for division.
'c' or 'C' for clear."
'e' or 'E' for X, Y register exchange (same as the 'x<-->y' button).
i' or 'I' for the Reciprocal (Inverse) button (same as the '1/x' button)
'r' or 'R' for the Rolldown button: this button rolls the x-register to the bottom of the stack--putting the y-register value in x-register.
F3 for the change sign '(-)' button.
F6 to view the contents of the stack.
Backspace key for the backspace (same as the 'bkspc' button).
Spacebar for the 'Spc' button (self explanatory).

If anymore help is needed, consult the Help menu on the application or you can email me at: lourosas@users.sourceforge.net

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The RPN Fraction Calculator is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License copyright © 2007 Lou Rosas